African's Leading E-Mobility Rideshare Platform

We aim to disrupt the transportation sector by innovating and re-inventing mobility in Africa alongside providing our customers a sense of belonging, comfort and safety while enjoying every ride with pride.

Who we are

Safiride founded 2018 is an E-Mobility rideshare company committed to sustaining the environment through the use of electric motorcycle for its services. We use cutting-edge technology to provide on-demand ride request services, products for mobile app solutions, cashless easy to use payment system, transport services for Corporate Businesses and Organizations. Our goal is the migration of transportation using innovating technology from fossil fuel-based energy to other renewable low carbon transport options. Safi brings the benefits of the vibrant and unique technological change taking over the industry across the world. SAFIRIDE will capitalize from the growing technological trends in the taxi industry by aggregating multiple services into a user-friendly application that reaches captive audiences of millions.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the revolution and transitioning of transportation sector to E-Mobility in Africa.

  • Africa's largest one-stop E-Mobility rideshare platform
  • Africa's largest operator of E-Motorcycle networks
  • A leader in smart innovative transportation technologies

Our core values


We work hard to continuously improve our services in order to provide a more user-friendly platform for our users.


Our service is fast and on time as we continually learn and grow from experience.

Impact Driven

We work to create as much positive social impact as possible for SAFIRIDE users and our cities.

Reducing Carbom Footprints

We strive to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the use of fossil fuel operated vehicle by offering E-Mobility services to our users.

Providing Safety Net

We provide a sense of comfort and safety for cities, SAFIRIDE users and drivers.

Gender Equality

We believe in the participation of more women in the on demand taxi industry. We are dedicationg 60% of our fleet to women riders.