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Why Choose us

Easy to use

Book online or via our mobile app for instant access of a confortable ride.

Save Time

Fast and easy expense reporting. We send you a monthly summary of your rides and expenses

Take Control

Manage all your employees in one place and set clear rules for your business rides via dashboard.

Affordable Rides

Safiride Business rides arrive quickly and get you and your team around affordably.

Quality and Safety

A practical and safe way to get around, which guarantees the well-being of your team and the efficiency for your business.

Punctuality Assured

Always be on time for the most important meetings by booking your trips in advance.

Why Use Safiride Business?

Business trips

Safiride provides transport solutions for your commute to work, meetings, trips to or from the airport and more. The decision on what your teams uses Safiride Business for is in your hands, we take care of the rest.

Night commuting

Your team's nightly commute from the office just got better and easier using Safiride Business to help them get home after dark safe and sound, allowing them to work as late as needed.

Employee perks

Set up your desired spending limit and offer your employees additional perks (free rides) useful to them with restrictions controlled by you.

Courtesy rides

Order a courtesy ride for your clients/customer, partners or job candidate to boost your company reputation. The Safiride Business platform has made this quick and easy to set up.

Our Services

Safiride Business provides daily services which spans across every industry to some of the largest companies and organization in cities across Africa


Large corporations with high number of employees can easily roll out SAFIRIDE Business to all employees and track all trips taken on the platform. Additionally, SAFIRIDE Business allows companies to service client transportation needs with the push of a button to instantly book rides for guests.


For City Agencies, Foundation, NGO's, and Embassies that need an accountable way to track employee travel , our platform provides a convenient way to track all rides and even set specific day and time rules to enforce compliance with internal policies. This enables expenses to be well vetted and accounted for proper accountability.

Management and Control

Establish your own rules, defining limits and restrictions of use. Manage all users easily and on a single platform. Create cost centers to distribute your budget and control day-to-day expenses.

  • Upload users
  • Cost center
  • Travel limit
  • Expense charts
  • User permit
  • User restrictions

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