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We are constantly looking to expand and build our global reach by offering potential partners franchise opportunities of setting up and running local operations in their local area. All which is fully backed with support of our strong brand presence, and innovative technology

Why Use Safiride franchise?

One of the fastest-growing companies in Africa

Be a part of our global market expansion.

On-demand e-mobility rideshare

Join us in our journey to sustain our environment by providing e-mobility rideshare services to cities around the world

Quick set-up and market launch

Receive hands on support from our team of experts to help in the smooth launch of operations

Great team support

We provide all needed support to ensure success of our partners

What we are looking for

We consider several factors when accessing the ellibility of applicants for a franchise

Committed to the Safiride Brand

Solid financial reputation

Leadership and growth mindset

Strong reputation and local connection

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